Luijken Naturephotography

Photography and conservation

Why this website
This website is meant for people who love photography, but love nature first. I hope my images will contribute to conservation. It’s very well known that if you love something you are more likely to protect it. I want to make you feel close to the subjects I photograph. Therefor I will tell you about my subjects too, but also about the feelings I had when I made those images. My goal is to let you feel it too, because these feelings can be amazing. In case you aren’t able to visit the place I’ve visited I will try to let you think that you are visiting those places when you look at my pictures.

Protecting the planet
Since I was very young I was involved in conservation and animal protection and animal welfare starting with an IFAW campaign in 1969 for protecting the seal pups in Canada from brutal slaughter and with an WWF campaign for the protection of tigers. Even though a lot of people have worked hard and successes were accomplished things still have worsened. Especially in this day and age it’s important to protect our planet with so many species being threatened due to human activities or to climate change.

Seeing climate change with my own eyes
With my own eyes I’ve seen the snow on Kilimanjaro decrease between 1994 and 2006. Fortunately there is still snow on Kilimanjaro to this day, because the ecosystem depends on it providing water to among others Amboseli NP with all its elephants and other wildlife.
Since I visited Antarctica in 2009 two ice plates have broken off and the latest is threatening the island of South Georgia and the penguin colonies. In my opinion South Georgia is the crown jewel of a trip to Antarctica. The place is extremely beautiful and a sanctuary for a lot of species.

Photography can help making people see the beauty of a place or an animal and feel the serenity, so start exploring the different galleries and most of all: ENJOY!!